Intergalactic Lovers – River

15 September, Belgiumโ€™s Intergalactic Lovers release their new album Exhale. It was recorded in the UK, with Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies) at the helm. โ€œI was pretty intimidated at first,โ€ singer Lara Chedraoui explains. โ€œGil works with so many bands and we were this little band from Flanders trying to prove to him that weโ€™re even bigger than any name heโ€™s ever worked with.โ€

But the collaboration worked out just fine, resulting in their most promising album so far. First single Between The Lines was a great introduction already, and the follow-up River surely makes you long for more. How much more? Lara says: โ€œWorld domination is on my list. Iโ€™ve put the bar there.โ€


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