James Bay – Pink Lemonade

I liked James Bay’s debut album Chaos And The Calm, but the up-tempo songs in particular. Craving, for instance, and especially Best Fake Smile. Alas, the record company decided to market him as a balladeer and only released Craving digitally in an acoustic version (sigh). Best Fake Smile was put out as his 6th single (a minor success, obviously).

At the beginning of February, James Bay made a comeback. Without the long hairs and without the hat. And without a hit, so far. The ballad Wild Love had a new sound, but apparently didn’t win him any new fans. I like Pink Lemonade a whole lot better. His best single to date, I dare to say. It’s the second effort off his second album Electric Light, to be released on 18 May. A great song, that I’d love to hear in a version mastered by someone who doesn’t like to fight the loudness war (which makes songs sound hard on the radio, but tough on the ears as well).

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Discussions — 2 Responses

  • Gerard maart 13th, 2018 on 9:05 PM

    Ik keek zo uit naar dit tweede album, maar ik begin te vrezen nav deze twee nieuwe tracks dat dit een grote deceptie gaat worden.

    • Werner Schlosser Gerard maart 13th, 2018 on 9:16 PM

      Het is wel allemaal een stuk gestileerder geworden, helaas. Ik vind dit wel een erg goed liedje, maar in de mastering is alle dynamiek eruit geslagen. Daar wordt het niet lekkerder beluisterbaar van…


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