James Blonde – Hundred Bucks

Niagara Falls produced more powerful things than the waterfalls alone. Rocking three-piece James Blonde were formed there as well. They just put out their new single Hundred Bucks, the bandโ€™s second fresh track since their self-titled debut album (2017). Itโ€™s an upbeat, driving alt-rock anthem, inspired by great classic rock bands.

But when you listen further than the music alone, youโ€™ll find the song has an important message as well. The realization that money wonโ€™t get us where we need to be spiritually. The band explain: โ€œOur hope for you, the listener, is that you will take a more active perspective on what you are doing with your time, money, and energy on a day-to-day basis.ย Find the healthiest and purest version of your life possible.โ€

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