Jan-Marten Block – Never Not Try

Just like every country, Germany has got a very popular TV talent show. It’s called ‘Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar’. So far, it hasn’t yet produced any winners that managed to achieve an international career, but that me be about to change.

Last week, 25-year-old Jan-Marten Block from the Northern German city of Süderlügum won the competition. He doesn’t only use his voice to sing (impressively), but he’s also a voice-over artist. Apart from that, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, who masters the guitar, piano, drums and bass. In other words: he could be his own one-man band.

Before participating in ‘Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar’, he had only performed at fundraisers and family parties. Winning the competition landed him national fame (not to mention a prize of 100.000 euros). Next stop: Europe, and then global stardom? I wouldn’t be surprised… His debut single Never Not Try is a song with international hit potential.

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