Jealous Of The Birds – Ode To Fire

Jealous Of The Birds are back with a single that will slowly ensconce itself in your brain. Ode To Fire was produced by Marta Salogni (BjΓΆrk, M.I.A.). The song is built around a soothing guitar melody, which appears to hint Indian influences. However, the track was conceived in Portugal.

Irish singer-songwriter Naomie Hamilton is the woman behind Jealous Of The Birds. She explains: “Ode To Fire was written during a solo trip I took to Lisbon, Portugal in the spring of last year. I’d burnt myself out and travelled there with the hope of clearing my head and recharging creatively. In the afternoons I explored the city by foot and then spent the evenings working on songs in a tiny apartment. While I was there I lived a pretty monastic existence, especially considering that I knew no one and couldn’t speak the language. The song expresses that despite how idyllic experiencing a new place and culture is, it can be difficult to fully relish in these things when one is geographically separated from one’s partner. Joy is often diluted when it’s not shared.”

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