Jenifer – Hey Jen

Jenifer (born Jenifer Yaรซl Dadouche Bartoli in 1982) is a French singer. Just 20 years old, she won the first season of TV talent show Star Academy. Since then, she released eight albums, although the most recent โ€“ Nouvelle Page โ€“ almost hadnโ€™t come about. After being involved in a heavy traffic accident in March 2017, the singer considered halting her career. She decided to turn the page however, changing label and management. So, in more ways than one, her present comeback explains the albumโ€™s title, which translates as โ€˜new pageโ€™.

My favourite track off the album is Hey Jen. A funky and danceable song with a happy vibe, but a deeper meaning: itโ€™s a rant against the paparazzis who have been following her for 17 years now. Easy on the ears, the message hits hard.

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