Jillie – Time Of Our Lives

Jill Goldberg was born and raised in New Jersey, where she always participated in music. Whether she played clarinet and trumpet in a band or wrote instrumental piano songs. In college, she started singing as well, when she joined an a cappella group. Soon, she also started arranging the songs for the group.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in music theory, she moved to New York to work in television. It was while living there that she started writing her own songs and performing her music live. She continued to do so after relocating to Chicago, where Jillie is now known as a badass piano bar entertainer.

In 2021, the singer-songwriter released 11 singles, gaining over 100.000 streams and over a thousand new followers. All of these songs were directly made available on streaming services as well, bar one… Time Of Our Lives, arguably the strongest song of the bunch, has been available on Bandcamp since 25 October. But only now, four months later, it is released on a larger scale. Jillie wrote, performed and produced the track herself at home, and features the talent of musicians she found online around the world.

Time Of Our Lives is a well-crafted pop song with beautiful vocal and piano melodies throughout.

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