Joel Sarakula – In Trouble

Born in Sydney and now based in London, Joel Sarakula is a modern-day soul singer. His impeccable taste (Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron, Marvin Gaye) shines through in his own music. โ€˜Shines throughโ€™ in the most literal sense: it brings out the sun!

In Trouble is the first single off Sarakulaโ€™s upcoming album Love Club (20 April). He co-wrote the song with Michele Stodart of The Magic Numbers. It touched subjects like strikes, terrorism and despotism, that were just as present in his beloved โ€™70s as in our current age.

Sarakula says about it: โ€œIn Trouble was my attempt at doing an updated politically conscious song for these dark times. But don’t worry it’s still hopeful and positive, it’s a pop song after all!โ€

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