Joel Sarakula – In Trouble

Born in Sydney and now based in London, Joel Sarakula is a modern-day soul singer. His impeccable taste (Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron, Marvin Gaye) shines through in his own music. β€˜Shines through’ in the most literal sense: it brings out the sun!

In Trouble is the first single off Sarakula’s upcoming album Love Club (20 April). He co-wrote the song with Michele Stodart of The Magic Numbers. It touched subjects like strikes, terrorism and despotism, that were just as present in his beloved ’70s as in our current age.

Sarakula says about it: β€œIn Trouble was my attempt at doing an updated politically conscious song for these dark times. But don’t worry it’s still hopeful and positive, it’s a pop song after all!”

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