Johan Klingwall – Släpp Inte Taget Än

Not much is known about Johan Klingwall, except that he’s Swedish and has a hip hop background. Or perhaps I should rephrase that: all that is known about Johan Klingwall has been written in Swedish, a language I don’t speak. So, it’s fair to say he is best-known in his own country. And as he is singing in his native tongue, he doesn’t seem too ambitious to change that.

That is no criticism, by the way. Who could blame any artist for striving to be a superstar at home, rather than having a mediocre career internationally? Still, I think it’d be a pity if Klingwall’s music would not be heard outside Sweden. Especially a catchy song like his new single, which – dare I say it? – bears a little resemblance to Coldplay or even The Chainsmokers…


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