John Van Deusen – Whatever Makes You Mine

John Van Deusen’s music is difficult to pin down. In his early career he was the frontman and primary songwriter of indie rock band The Lonely Forest, and currently, he yells and plays bass in hardcore punk band Buffet. Meanwhile, he also pursues a solo career, which I’ll focus on here.

As a solo artist, Van Deusen is working on a four-part album series, titled (I Am) Origami. Part 1 (The Universal Sigh) and Part 2 (Every Power Wide Awake) are out already. (I Am) Origami Part 3 (A Catacomb Hymn) is set for release on 19 July, and might be his most raw and personal release yet. The album is centred on fear, doubt and depression.

About the first single, Whatever Makes You Mine, Van Deusen says: β€œAlone at a lodge in the Cascade Mountains, right at the heart of Bigfoot territory, I kept feeling like some big hairy creature was watching me sleep. I was frightened by the eerie creaks and noises while my mind obsessed over dark Sasquatch legends. I wrote Whatever Makes You Mine in the dead of night as a response to my loneliness and fear; my desire to be with someone (anyone), was overwhelming.”

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