Jonas Brøg – All Across The Sky

Born in Denmark and based in the Netherlands, Jonas Brøg is a very talented producer, songwriter, singer and musician. After working behind the scenes for numerous artists, his solo career is only three songs old.

All Across The Sky is the latest of his first trio of tunes. A classic pop song with a modern touch. Where other current singers and producers apply tons of voice effects just because they can (not to mention the side effect of concealing bad vocal techniques), Brøg adds just enough to give the track an edge. Think of it as I Am The Walrus with a ponderous drum beat (or whatever other combination that springs to mind).

Talking about vocals: just like in his latest single I Think Of You I Cry, the singer’s voice is contrasted by a wonderful female counterpart, courtesy of Astrid Lagerstedt, who also co-wrote the song. And to continue the namedropping: famous Dutch composer Jochem Fluitsma lent his talents also, as well as playing some instruments. A great collaboration that adds an additional touch of quality to Brøg’s slowly expanding repertoire. We want more!

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