Jonas Brøg – That Feeling

Danish-born, Dutch-based Jonas Brøg is a very talented songwriter, mixer and producer himself. Yet, he isn’t too shy (or too arrogant) to collaborate with other talented people to optimize his songs. More than anything else, he is a perfectionist.

For his latest single That Feeling, he teamed up with producer and mixer Oscar Holleman. He is renowned for his work with Kovacs, Within Temptation and, more recently, Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Laurence. Holleman turned an already beautiful demo into a song that will sound great on radio and computer alike.

With That Feeling, Brøg wants to inspire listeners to slow down in the moment, fully experience life, and let love in. Just like he learned to do himself, during the depression he got into. He started writing songs as a remedy, and each new track makes more clear he’s getting there.

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