Josephien – Talk To Me

Incredible how a small country like Belgium can hold so much talent. Take Josefien Deloof, for instance. In 2018, she and her band won the public’s choice award at the Rock Rally competition. Since then, they toured a lot in Belgium and its neighbouring countries. During that time, she changed stage names a few times. Josefien became Josephine, but she now goes by the moniker of Josephien. Details matter!

Early this year, I saw her performing a Warner Music showcase at the ESNS festival. An impressive set, even though she was onstage with only a keyboard. And honestly, her recognizable, husky voice (reminiscent of Selah Sue’s) doesn’t need much instrumental accompaniment. Her debut single Talk To Me is great proof of that. The start of it, with only a simple guitar melody alongside her voice, immediately makes for a lounge-y feel. Only a few soft high synth notes and a languid rhythm section are added, and that’s all the song needs.

Josephien doesn’t believe in musical monogamy. Therefore, she hasn’t decided upon her musical direction yet. But the restrained happiness of this confident, soulful debut single fits her like a glove.

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