Julia Michaels – Worst In Me

Julia Carin Cavazos is better known by her stage name Julia Michaels. She started writing songs for other artists in her late teens, until she wrote the track Issues. β€œIt was the first time I’d written a song that sounded so much like myself that I couldn’t picture anyone else singing it,” she says about it. Although apparently many big name artists fought for the song, she decided to keep the song for herself. A good decision, for it kickstarted her own career, becoming a worldwide hit at the beginning of this year. It was such a huge hit, that her second single Uh Huh could hardly be expected to follow in its footsteps. Which it didn’t.

Both songs are on Michael’s debut EP Nervous System, where you’ll also find Worst In Me. A timeless track, that reminds me of Maria Mena, whose music I like a lot. This could be picked up by such a broad palette of radio stations and streaming playlists, that her second hit is undoubtedly on its way.


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