Julie & Joe – Marelle

Joe MooreΒ is a prolific British producer, who is involved in countless projects. The Yearning, The Perfect Kiss, Lia Pamina,Β Cristina Quesada, andΒ Maddie Mae, to name but a few. Now, he is also half of Julie & Joe. The other half is Julie Big, the singer of French band Le SuperHomard.

Julie & Joe just released their first mini album Marelle, and the title track is its second single. It’s a sugar-coated tribute to the synth-pop music that was made in France at the beginning of the eighties. Think of Elli Medeiros & Jacno, Lio, Mikado, etc. All of them singers with songs that were both playful and danceable. Meanwhile, you can also hear echoes of bands like New Order and Depeche Mode in Marelle. The first tones of the track must have been inspired by the opening of the latter’s People Are People.

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