Jung feat. Lova – Cause In The End We Know That Everybody Dies

Swedish duo Jung consists of the brothers Tom and Henrik Ljungqvist. They just released their second album Cause In The End We Know That Everybody Dies. Amongst its 14 tracks are songs co-written with Joakim Berg (formerly of the band Kent), Lou Elliotte and Luchs.

The long-player covers themes like life and death, fear of the future, and difficulties to advance in today’s jungle, as well as their love for family, friends and partners.

The album’s title track is the duo’s new single. Or in fact, their collaboration with Lova makes them a trio for the occasion. This promising Swedish singer debuted in 2018 with the single You Me And The Silence. It ended up becoming the Swedish song radio station P3 played the most that year. Both Jung and Lova were signed by Universal around the same time.

Cause In The End We Know That Everybody Dies is an upbeat track that’ll sound great on the radio. Despite its title, it’s an uplifting, β€˜80s inspired tune. Feel-good music with a serious message.

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