Just – Dark Days

At an early age already, Justin Kniest was fully focused on music. He played the guitar and performed live with his bands all over the Netherlands for several years. In his professional career, he was an innovator and a creative in the entertainment and marketing business. Kniest received award after award for his brain child Fabchannel, a ground-breaking video streaming platform for concerts. Eventually, a lack of music industry support killed the project.

Now, he returns to his first love…

Actually, it was Kniest’s wife who triggered this step. She gave him a writers’ camp as a gift for his 50th birthday. He met with fellow music enthusiasts at the coast of Spain, where he wrote his first track The Saddest Song. The positive feedback he received, encouraged him to finally pursue his dream. Just was born.

Dark Days is his new single; the first off his upcoming debut album. Once again, it’s a highly autobiographical song, which tells the story of the hard lessons that several setbacks in life taught him. Dark Days is a beautiful, melancholic song, delicately produced by Minco Eggersman, using analogue equipment. Musically, it finds itself somewhere midway Talk Talk and David Sylvian. Just the right soundtrack for leaves falling.

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