Just – Into The Fire

Into The Fire is the fifth and final single to be released ahead of Just’s debut album Deep Cycles, which is due out on 29 October. Sounding like a sad Tears For Fears song, it’s his most up-tempo and radio-friendly tune so far. The lyrics however are as personal as ever. He explains: β€œInto The Fire deals with a rather dysfunctional relationship I once had, with high ups and deep lows. I allowed too much to happen before I had the guts to draw the line.”

In the eight sophisticated tracks on the upcoming album, one doesn’t only hear the sadness of the past one and a half years, in which it was recorded. One hears the melancholy of a man who needed 50 years to find the right words to express his feelings in music. Deep Cycles contains the voice of Just. A beautiful voice, supported by ace musicians like Minco Eggersman on drums (who also produced the set), session guitarist Lothar Kosse and Hammond player Stephen Smith (who worked with ABC and Β Dire Straits before). Just played the bass parts himself, while his daughter Dana Kniest provided backing vocals.

An ambitious DIY project that deserves to be heard.

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