Just – Walk Slow Smile More

People often say pop music is shallow and superficial. That doesn’t do right to many pop songs. Excuse me for leaving the question β€˜what is pop music anyway?’ unanswered at this point.

Dutch singer-songwriter Justin Kniest’s new single is a good example of a song with a deeper layer. Walk Slow Smile More tells the story of a good friend with MS. Last March he fled to a remote part of the Netherlands because of COVID-19, leaving family and friends behind. It was completely uncertain what the future would hold for him. Even in this desperate situation, he was strong enough to encourage himself to go on. He had his motto β€˜walk slower, smile more’ tattooed on his forearm. A reminder to enjoy the beautiful things in life, even when you have to give up more and more.

This true story inspired Just to turn his friend’s motto into a song. He recorded Walk Slow Smile More with some of the finest musicians. Lothar Kosse for example, whose guitar melodies sometimes remind me of songs by Fish. Also, the track is graced with a beautiful Hammond part courtesy of Steve Smith, who worked with Dire Straits and ABC before. Minco Eggersman produced the single (as well as Just’s upcoming album Deep Cycles), and plays the drums. Just himself does a great job stretching his vocal chords to the max.

The singer is especially proud of the song’s artwork, made by James Marsh. He also designed the iconic cover art for the Talk TalkΒ albums, one of Just’s all-time favourite bands.

Walk Slow Smile More is as close as Just has come to writing a pop song. His finest moment so far.

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