Kailee Morgue – Discovery

19-year-old singer-songwriter Kailee Morgue, from Phoenix, Arizona, is a rising pop phenomenon. She started playing guitar around the age of ten and was writing her own songs by her teens. Mature pop songs.

Check her new single, for instance. Discovery is a happy/sad love song, emphasizing a feeling of abandonment and loneliness, but in a hopeful way. Musically, it’s hard to pigeon-hole. The track has an overall freshness, but still manages to incorporate hammering drums, spacey choirs and dark layers of electronica. β€˜Alt-tronic’, she calls it herself, and that might just be the right word for it…

Discovery is only Kailee Morgue’s second single and is sure to live up to its title. We’ll definitely hear more from this girl in 2018!


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