Kailee Morgue – This Is Why I’m Hot

Kailee Morgue just released her second EP Here In Your Bedroom. She says about it: “In female pop, there’s more anger than ever. There are more women screaming and being very forward about how they feel. I love that energy, so I tried to translate the power of older hardcore music into modern production. I realized you can make pop music with a punk spirit and I allowed myself to embrace the attitude.”

This Is Why I’m Hot is my favourite track on the EP. A contagious, rocking, self-confident song that was inspired by Goldfinger. She even named the EP after a favourite Goldfinger song from their self-titled 1996 album. Meanwhile, she also cites Taylor Swift and Halsey as current influences. This results in a bundle of strong pop songs full of attitude and drenched in guitars.

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