Karin Simonian – Beat On My Heart

Karin Simonian is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, who appears to have emerged onto the music scene out of nowhere. For Carte Blanche Music followers however, her last name may sound familiar. This is the catch: she’s the sister of Sebu Simonian, of Capital Cities fame. He’s also the one who co-produced her debut album 11 Degrees Of Love.

The 11 tracks off this long-player will be put out one by one throughout this new year. First single Beat On My Heart was released on New Year’s Day, the second single will drop on 2/2, the third on 3/3, and so on until all eleven tracks are released by November. If you can’t wait that long, you can hear the entire album right here, but don’t tell anyone!

Beat On My Heart is a wonderful pop song, with the Sebu stamp all over it. Karin’s angelic vocals are supported by beautiful piano melodies, great guitar riffs and big drums. An impressive way to start a career.

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