Kate Nash – Life In Pink

Kate Nashโ€™s career started around the same time as Lily Allenโ€™s, and they have often been compared in the beginning. I still like her playful early singles, like Pumpkin Soup, Mouthwash, and Foundations (all from 2007).

After a few non-album singles in recent years, Nash is now working towards her next, Kickstarter-financed album, Yesterday Was Forever. Her first album in five yearsโ€™ time, which Nash calls โ€˜an excerpt from a teenage diaryโ€™, is to be released on 30 March. It features her recent single Drink About You and this equally great follow-up.

Life In Pink is a dynamic power pop track about mental health. As Nash states: โ€œThe concept of the video is balancing the sane and what Iโ€™m told are โ€˜insaneโ€™ parts of my brain and how I think you need a balance of the two to really make it in this life.โ€

Itโ€™s hardly coincidence this track appears on Carte Blanche Music the same day as Liza Anneโ€™s Panic Attack

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