Kelemen Kabátban – Úton

Kelemen Kabátban is a Hungarian band with seven members: Boldi Horváth, Gáspár ‘JumoDaddy’ Horváth, M-Papa, Miklós Kiszin, Gábor Gajdacs, Róbert Nagy and Tamás Szabó. They got together in 2013 and played many club and festivals since then, both in Hungary and abroad.

The secret of Kelemen Kabátban’s success lies in its catch combination of musical styles. In Úton, the funky guitar and bass are the driving forces, complemented by a keyboard melody that’s as simple as it is epic.

Excuse me for not understanding the lyrics, but luckily the track has a lyric video, so we can still sing along 😉 . I think an English version of this song could do very well internationally!

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