Kettcar – Sommer ’89 (Er Schnitt Löcher In Den Zaun)

As a boy, I used to have a Kettcar, and I loved it. And just now, I discovered there is also a band with that name, that formed 16 years ago. I love their new single just as much as my own skelter, in my youth…

Kettcar is a five-piece from Hamburg, who already released four studio albums. Their next one, Ich vs. Wir, will appear 13 October. Sommer ’89 is its first single. The song’s structure, with its true storytelling approach, reminds of Hey Pretty by Poe.

Sommer ’89 is a commentary on the fugitive crisis. It describes a flight (in the summer of 1989, obviously) from the German Democratic Republic into the Federal Republic of Germany, seen from the perspective of someone who helps the fugitives achieve their goal. An impressive story with an impressive video, which you can see below…


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