Kid Astray – Joanne

Norwegian band Kid Astray (not Kid Ashtray, as I’ve once heard them being announced) was formed in Sandvika back in 2010. The six members met in high school and quickly bonded over their love of electro-tinged indie-pop music. Their career took off after they won a demo contest held by the Norwegian festival by:Larm.

Keen to strike while the creative iron was hot, the band took two weeks off school to record and self-produce their debut EP Easily Led Astray, which landed them more festival slots in Scandinavia in 2013. Their second EP, Taking You With Me, was produced by The Wombats’ bass player Tord Øverland Knudsen in 2014, a year later followed by their first internationally released album Home Before The Dark.

Ahead of their second album, Kid Astray have already put out new tunes Fall To My Knees and Roads. Joanne is the third in line. A lovely, bouncy pop song with a great hook.

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