Killboy – That’s OK I’ll Just Fuck Myself

If your ears can’t bear the sound of explicit lyrics, this might not be for you. But I must warn you: if you click away, you’ll miss one of the best singles of the week.

So far, Killboy has been pretty successful in hiding her identity. Her identity, indeed, for Killboy is a girl. The urban dictionary describes a killboy as ‘a very attractive young woman who is wanted by many men, whereby the chances of being with said girl are very slim.’

The rapper/producer hails from a small town in between Texas and Arkansas. On the last day of her last semester of college, she had an epiphany. Realising she didn’t want to be there, she packed up her stuff, got in her car and drove 24 hours to Los Angeles to work on her music. Since then, Killboy developed an impressive range of skills. She produces her own beats, engineers her own vocals, as well as playing keys and guitar.

In 2019, she released her first single Wheredafucc. That’s OK I’ll Just Fuck Myself is her third track this year. One can’t help thinking she wasn’t too happy with her relationship when she wrote this one 😉. Luckily for us, listeners, bad situations often fuel the best songs. And they don’t come any more addictive than this one. It contains an irresistible bass line and the lyrics are most infectious as well. I’m pretty sure she’ll will have you singing ‘that’s OK I’ll just fuck myself’ in no-time. Better keep the windows closed when you put this one up.

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