Kinishao – Always In My Head

Some people are born artists. Others only start chasing their calling at an older age. Frenchman Guillaume Depierre falls in the latter category. As a teenager, he loved music, from Beethoven to Prince. But instead of making it his profession, he decided to please his mother and do law studies. After succeeding, he eventually started his own law firm.

However, while hiding under his lawyer’s dress, music continued to knock on his door. He built a small studio at home, and anonymously wrote pop songs and composed beats between trials. Since 2013, he released an EP trilogy (Pages, volumes 1-3) and an album, all of which have now been deleted from the internet.

In 2021, Depierre made a fresh start. He hung up the dress, sold his law firm and became a full-time musician under the guise of Kinishao, releasing music on his own label. His first official single, last summer, was a re-recorded version of his 2017 track November Falls. Now, it’s time for a follow-up, which sounds like a potential break-through to me.

Always In My Head opens with a guitar part that resembles Sausolito Summernight by Diesel. It’s quickly followed by tight drums, a cowbell, catchy vocal melodies and more guitar riffs. It brings Lenny Kravitz to mind. Old-school scratches and a fade-out provide an extra touch of nostalgia. A classic rock song for the β€˜20s.

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