Kutie With A K – Rollercoaster Ride

Iโ€™ve been doing some digging, because thereโ€™s not much information to be found about Kutie With A K, whoโ€™s Rollercoaster Ride I recommend highly. The track is originally from early 2015, but has been re-released this week.

The song is credited to K.D. Nord & M. Hagemeister and is released on the Nordmeister label. Googling those key words brings you to the Facebook page of Nordmeister, where the info section says:

Kristian Nord, born January 2nd 1977, is a music producer, composer and studio drummer from Hamburg, Germany. Since 2005 he lives in California. He is a voting member of the Grammys. Malte Hagemeister, born April 23rd 1973, is a music producer, composer and guitarist from Hamburg, Germany. He moved to California in 2011. (โ€ฆ) Nordmeister is a music production team based in Venice Beach, California. We write and produce music for artists, commercials and film.

My assumption is, Nord & Hagemeister wrote Rollercoaster Ride for this Paris Hilton starring commercial for online casino bgo, and decided to make a complete song out of it. Great choice, what a banger!

(If anyone knows a better/the real story, please step forwardโ€ฆ)


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