L.A. Rochelle – No More (Encore)

L.A. Rochelle is a London-based, French-born artist, and No More (Encore) is only his debut single. A moving pop song full of heartbreak, the track is dedicated to the loss of someone whose memory is forever haunting. There’s a tragic story behind this song…

The stage name L.A. Rochelle came about, after he desperately tried to escape his flat in Paris, where his best friend took the life of his other best friend. The two of them had been in a secret gay relationship. Dealing with the trauma and grief, L.A. Rochelle immersed himself in his music. He bought time and saved to travel to L.A. from La Rochelle. Through his music he has redefined his perspective of love, friendship and loss.

In 2012, L.A. Rochelle moved to London. There, he perfected his own musical style, often incorporating layered vocals, a bed of sub-heavy urban beats, home-made instruments, prepared pianos, orchestral string ensembles, baritone horns sextets, typewriter sections, washing mashing laments and other sound ambiances.

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