L U – Liquid Gold

L U is the artist name of Lucy Pearson, a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ from Norwich, UK. After collaborating with some of the hottest artists in the country, she is now embarking on her own solo project.

Earlier this year, she released the 1 minute long track Hit My Line, which has since been deleted from the interwebs. That makes Liquid Gold her new debut single. As the title promises, it’s sweet and sticky like honey. It’s inspired by the fever of new love and pays homage to the β€˜80s classics she grew up with. It would be a fun game to find out which classics, based on the sound of this great track. My five cents: it sounds like a 2021 version of Five Star to me. Yes, a 2021 version. For with its imaginative synths and propulsive rhythms Liquid Gold sounds as β€˜80s as can be, but at the same time, the production is very contemporary.

L U wrote and produced the track herself, but it comes with a fiery guitar solo, played by Harry Smith from the band Mirror Mask.

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