La Oreja De Van Gogh – Diciembre

Picture this scene: it’s 1998 and I’m in a restaurant, somewhere in Spain. It was a pretty nice place and the food was alright, but the music was great. The waiter told me they were playing the debut album of this band La Oreja De Van Gogh. Of course, I had liked a Spanish summer hit or two in the past, but this was the first time for me to instantly become fan of a Spanish band.

Soon I lost myself in Spanish pop/rock and many more bands would follow. So much so, that I became a self-pronounced advocate of new Spanish pop/rock via my radio shows. In each two hour long show I played four current songs from the country. I called this platform the β€˜Arena del Pop’ (after a lyric in La Oreja De Van Gogh’s song Pop; only much later it appeared I had mistaken the actual lyric β€œeres la reina del pop” for β€œeres l’arena del pop”, but that’s a different story…).

What’s the point of this flashback? Well, it serves as a personal introduction to LODVG’s new single, Diciembre. They could have released it last month, of course, but perhaps that would have been too obvious. Or probably they thought: β€œMaΓ±ana…” πŸ˜‰ . Anyway, this is the lyric video:


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