La Oreja De Van Gogh – Sirenas

La Oreja De Van Gogh (โ€˜Van Goghโ€™s earโ€™) is one of the most popular Spanish bands of the last two decades. Last year, they released their 8th album Un Susurro En La Tormenta (โ€˜a whisper in the stormโ€™). One of the most impressive tracks on it is Sirenas, which has now been put out as the groupโ€™s new single.

The songs deals with a topic that characterised the last 60 years of Spainโ€™s history: the violent actions of separatist organization ETA. Sirenas is the story of a mother who tells her daughter about an ETA murder in San Sebastiรกn (the city LODVG originates from). The intense lyrics are delivered over a driving musical backdrop.

The band says about the importance of the track: “Telling our children about ETA will hopefully create a world where we can live in harmony in the future.โ€

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