Lauran Hibberd – Hoochie

Lauran Hibberd, from Isle of Wight, has a way of mixing humorous, tongue-in-cheek, self-assured lyrics with accessible guitar riffs. Her new single Hoochie sounds like a throwback to the 90s, when acts like Catherine Wheel and Juliana Hatfield delivered the same kind of melodious rock songs.

Itโ€™s an energetic, carefree guitar track that focuses on a toxic relationship and how important it is to get rid of that negativity in her life. She explains: โ€œHoochie is a 90s slang term for a bit of a โ€˜looseโ€™ woman. Itโ€™s also the name of my new hamster. For me, this track is kind of that three-month period, after youโ€™ve stopped hanging out with someone and you realise that actually they were kind of a tool, and that maybe you are alright.โ€

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