Leoniden (feat. Pabst) – Freaks

Five years ago Leonidenโ€™s career reached a turning point. It was the last time the Berlin band released a single with more than two words in its title. Since then, one-word titles have been the norm. And they havenโ€™t stopped doing so in 2021.

Freak is the new single of brothersย Lennartย andย Felix Eicke,ย Jakob Amr,ย Djamin Izadiย andย JP Neumann. Itโ€™s a hymn to being an outsider. A typical Leoniden song, it combines a โ€˜90s guitar pop sound with a modern feel. This results in a sparkling and powerful anthem with a huge chorus. The track features Erik Heise, singer of German neo-grunge band Pabst, as guest vocalist.

Freaks is the sixth single to be released ahead of Leonidenโ€™s upcoming album, which is set for release on 20 August. Itโ€™s called Complex Happenings Reduced To A Simple Design. Maybe a reference to the bandโ€™s one-word song titles? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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