Liberty – Troye Sivan

Donโ€™t be mistaken, this article isnโ€™t about a new track called Liberty by Aussi superstar Troye Sivan. Itโ€™s the exact opposite, as you might have expected when an artist from the other side of the world is involved. So, letโ€™s talk about Libertyโ€ฆ

Liberty is the artist name of Danish indie-pop artist Mattias Kolstrup. He is the former lead singer of innovative electro-rock outfit Dรบnรฉ. As a solo artist, he channels the power of rock, introvert pop and the energy of a long lost punk-era in his music and style. Since releasing his solo debut album Havenโ€™t Felt This Great Since 1988 last year, he put out five new tracks. His up-tempo single Troye Sivan is the latest of the bunch.

Kolstrup explains: โ€This is a song about my – not so secret – man crush on the one and only, Troyeย Sivan. (โ€ฆ) While writing it, it somehow took a life on itโ€™s own incorporating themes of the historic religious opposition to the idea of people of the same sex finding each other attractive. Cause after all: whatโ€™s Jesus got to do with it? Itโ€™s all in the spirit of love, fascination and life.โ€

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