Liela Moss – Atoms At Me

Ever since the start of British rock band The Duke Spirit, in 2003, Liela Moss has been their front woman. Releasing her debut album My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth, in 2018, she also started a parallel solo career.

For her upcoming sophomore album Who The Power, she worked again with partner/producer (and TDS bass player) Toby Butler. They wrote and recorded the album in their studio in Somerset. The difference this time, she explains, was a desire โ€˜to create something more urgentโ€™, which captured a sense of renewal while conveying a strong sense of despair at modern culture. โ€œPerhaps that oscillating energy is best expressed musically via machines. We spent much of our time playing with vintage synths and drum machines, building a more visceral palette. I wanted the album to convey a depth of field, to be multi-layered yet feel simple, and to groove.โ€

First single Atoms At Me contains all of these elements. Amid its simmering darkwave throb, Moss issues a call to free the senses from the call to consume.

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