Lime Cordiale – Screw Loose

Sydney-based brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach started Lime Cordiale in 2009. However, it took them 8 years to release their debut album. In that respect, their sophomore album 14 Steps To A Better You was a quickie. It’s slated to come out on 10 July.

Screw Loose is the duo’s new single. A great track, that reminds me a little of You’ve Got To… by The Young Punx. The song was written by the brothers on a sleepless night in Los Angeles. β€œWe were laughing throughout the whole writing process”, said Louis of the track. β€œThe great thing about working with our producer Dave Hammer is that he never says, β€˜no’. Most of the time he just wants to take things further. The kookaburra laugh at the end of the song has been there from the start and we always thought someone would try to convince us to take it out. It’s a pretty dominating sound and very Australian but it places the song in the environment that we want it to be in.”

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