Linn Koch-Emmery – Dirty Words

Scandinavia is well-known as β€˜pop heaven’, but they also have artists who like to throw in a guitar or two. Stockholm-based Linn Koch-Emmery is one of them. A consequence of her German and British roots perhaps? Oh well, let’s not search for answers, but just enjoy her fresh indie-rock songs with killer choruses.

Koch-Emmery may be releasing music since 2016, she’s only just put out her debut album Being The Girl. An 11-track long-player that already includes four great singles. More will probably follow, for it holds other great songs. One of the best in my opinion is called Dirty Words, although it isn’t explicit at all. It’s got hints of early β€˜90s New Order, and lyrically it features dark humour and a sense of self-distance.

Dirty Words would make a strong fifth single, as far as I’m concerned.

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