Linn Koch-Emmery – Hologram Love

Rock isn’t the first genre that springs to mind when thinking of Swedish music. Sweden (and Norway, for that matter) are mostly referred to as β€˜pop walhalla’. While Linn Koch-Emmery’s music sure has pop melodies, most people would call it indie-rock.

She’s a Stockholm-based musician, who also has German and British roots. Her short and sharp songs reference β€˜90s rock music, but sound very contemporary to me. Her most recent tunes, especially, feel catchy and slick, in part thanks to added synths. They add a freshness to her music, that goes down well with her killer choruses.

Emmery explains: β€œI wanted to figure out how indie should sound in 2020. It’s about writing your own history, rather than rewriting someone else’s and applying it to yourself.”

Her new single Hologram Love is another simple, direct song that’s easy to love. A feel-good track that precedes her debut album, due out next year.

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