Llorca – Waiting

Do you like Safe From Harm by Massive Attack? There’s Nothing Like This by Omar? Don’t Look Any Further by Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett? In other words, do you like a fine groove? Then quickly hit the play button below and read on to find out more…

Llorca (first name: Ludovic) was born in the north of France in 1974. His father being one of the first computer programmers in the country and his mother being fond of music, his destiny was clear from the beginning: making music with computers. He started composing music for computer games on a Commodore 64 at the age of 14 and improved his skills from there on.

As a DJ, Llorca added black music genres like funk, disco and soul to the mix and gradually created his own style, that could be heard on his debut album New Comer in 2001. Since then he made many remixes under several aliases, but his second album has yet to come out. Well, save the date, for Llorca will release The Garden on 7 April. His groovy new single is appropriately called Waiting…


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