Louane – On Était Beau

Pretty many people in the world speak French and even more speak Spanish. Yet, not many songs in those languages score big outside the French and Spanish speaking countries. Okay, the mega massive worldwide success of Despacito doesn’t really help me in making my point, but I hope you agree nonetheless.

Shortly after the summer holidays though, when sun-seeking tourists come back from France and Spain, some songs do cross borders. And this one has the potential to do so.

On Était Beau by Louane could become the pan European follow-up hit to her single Avenir, which broke the Top 5 of the European Border Breakers Chart by the end of 2015, following airplay in the whole of mid and southern Europe.

The video for On Était Beau is as colourful and playful as the song itself. And if you can’t sing along, then just hum 😉 . Hope to see this one ‘accélérer sans freins’ shortly…


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