Louis Berry – Are You Alone?

Louis Berry launched a great new single, but alas it was largely overlooked last New Music Friday. It’s called Are You Alone? and I’d like to draw your attention to it. Especially because the title is appropriate in a sad way. In a message to his fans, Louis announced he caught COVID-19 β€˜in a bad way’, and so has his 88-year-old grandad. They’re both in hospital right now. Hopefully, they can draw strength from the energy and power in this new single.

I bet he’ll get better. He’s a survivor. Louis was born in Liverpool to a heroin addict father and a mother desperate to keep him on the right side of the law. He once said about his youth: β€œThe only way I could get respect was by doing bad things.” Luckily, he eventually turned to music. Good for him; good for us.

I’ve been following Louis since his 2015 single .45. That was a blues-rock track. His new single Are You Alone? is another upbeat banger, and just a rootsy. It’s folky in a Waterboys kind of way. You won’t regret taking 3 minutes of your time to get to know this one.

Get well soon Louis, and your grandad too!

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