Lova – Black Converse

When Lova Alvilde debuted with You Me And The Silence, early in 2018, I was immediately impressed. Two EPโ€™s later, the Swedish talent is working on her debut album.

Black Converse is the third single off this first long-player. Starting off with an emotive piano melody, it holds a relatable theme. The singer explains: โ€œThis song is about a breakup and how it feels when youโ€™re watching your ex move on in front of your eyes. It sucks, it hurts, you feel replaced and like youโ€™re worth nothing anymore. But it gets better. Time heals everything.โ€

Lova means โ€˜promiseโ€™, and Iโ€™m sure sheโ€™ll live up to her name sooner rather than later. This beautiful, timeless track is another step closer to unescapable stardom.

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