Lucas Hamming – Falling

Lucas Hamming is a Dutch artist who is slowly but surely gaining ground in his homeland. As far as I’m concerned, his new single Falling has the potential to score abroad as well.

At the start of the song’s video, Hamming explains that, for him, 2020 is the year of pushing boundaries. β€œIt feels like taking a leap of faith, so why not doing that for real?” Next, we see him jump from a plane. With a parachute, luckily.

The change the singer-songwriter talks about, is a shift from indie-pop to melodic pop/rock. β€œProduction-wise this feels like the segment that used to be dominated by Robbie Williams and Maroon 5, and where Harry Styles is king nowadays. But as always, I add a bit of nineties Britpop bravado.”

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