Lucius – Man In My Radio

Lucius may not have released new music for about two years, but they haven’t exactly sat still. Through the month of July, they hosted a four-part livestream series called Turning It Around. It featured musician friends like Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow, and Courtney Barnett. These performances raised over $70,000 for a handful of their beloved local small businesses in Los Angeles.

The band just put out a vinyl reissue of their 2013 debut studio album Wildewoman. It comes with a free download of a previously unreleased track, recorded during the sessions for that album. Man In My Radio is brimming with energy, and includes a banjo, frantic guitar lines and fast-paced high hats.

Talking about Man In My Radio, Lucius explain: β€œWe were living in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and had just built a little studio in our apartment. One that would become the home for the first recordings of Wildewoman. As we started writing and exploring the recording process, every so often we had some powerful radio signals coming through the speakers. Every time we were onto something, the same man’s voice would start speaking through the radio. He started to make it impossible to concentrate on anyone but him. He made it into our daily lives, and eventually, into a song.”

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