Lucy Daydream – Fast Forward

Lucy Daydream are Paige Duchรฉ and Ross Ryan from Denver, Colorado. They met in the Spring of 2017 when Duchรฉ covered one of Ryanโ€™s original works on YouTube. After reconnecting almost a year later, they started writing songs together.

While crafting their tunes, they fully embrace the independent/DIY ethic. The duo do everything themselves, from writing, producing, mixing and releasing the music to filming and editing the music videos. That way, they never have to make compromises to their exciting indie-pop songs.

Ever since their 2019 debut album Awake And Dreaming, theyโ€™ve been quite prolific. Earlier this year, they put out the EP Infinite Quest For The Rainbow Butthole, which was followed by four brand-new singles. These are now compiled on their second EP of the year: Enter The Lucy-Verse.

Stand-out track Fast Forward is the pairโ€™s new single. It opens with a driving bassline that remains a prominent factor throughout the song. The catchy chorus is another strength of the song, just like the guitar solo that rips the track apart before the 2-minute mark. And less than 3 minutes after the opening bars, itโ€™s all over.

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