Lucy Spraggan – Animal

The public first got to know Lucy Spraggan in 2012, when she participated shortly in β€˜The X Factor’. But before that, she already had her self-released debut album out (which got wings after the TV show). It also resulted in the young singer-songwriter becoming a well-known female champion for the LGBTQ community.

Nine years later, Spraggan is about to put out her sixth long-player Choices, due for release on 26 February. As always, the songs were inspired by her own experiences, and the humourous lyrics breathe her personality. Choices gives an insight in an artist who has matured and grown, both musically and personally.

After the release of Flowers, Sober, Roots, and Run (in 2020), Spraggan starts the new year with a new single. Animal is a song with Indian influences. Speaking on the track, she says: β€œI do a lot of skipping, β€˜cause I do a lot of working out and do a lot of weight lifting. My favourite thing to skip to is Bollywood music. It’s fucking sick! Bollywood music, bhangra music – we don’t have a Western rhythm like that. There’s so much energy and it makes me feel so passionate and alive. I was skipping and came in and just started writing that little guitar riff.”

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