Lukas Graham – Drunk In The Morning

Hallelujah, it’s here at last! This is a future worldwide hit that was five years in the making. Let me take you back in time…

In January 2013 I was at some posh music industry diner, where I happened to sit next to the music director for MTV Denmark and Finland. We were exchanging upcoming artists from our countries and she came up with Lukas Graham. I instantly loved the soulful single Drunk In The Morning from their debut album, that had been a hit in Denmark in 2012. I immediately started playing it in my radio show Carte Blanche and I honestly admit that I’ve been stalking the record company ever since to release it. Which they didn’t.

Only in 2016 a Lukas Graham album was released internationally. This was essentially a compilation of their first two Danish albums, with remixed versions of their earlier domestic hits. It also featured the worldwide hit 7 Years. In the spring of 2016 it appeared Drunk In The Morning would be re-released as its follow-up. But the record company decided to come up with songs that resembled the more poppy sound of 7 Years: Mama Said and You’re Not There. They scored considerably less than expected.

So now, it’s time for something more ‘adventurous’: the re-release of Drunk In The Morning is finally here, complete with a new video. I still think it’s a banger, that should be able to replicate the success of 7 Years. You be the judge…

Music industry watcher and journalist. Worked at a cd club, a record store chain and was editor in chief of an entertainment trade magazine. Has been in the radio business since 1987, producing and presenting shows. Was music director of several stations. Also, he developed the European Border Breakers Charts.


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