Lux Lyall – Mad With The Moon

London-based songwriter-poet Lux Lyall draws elements of old Hollywood noir charm and alt-pop. She only released her first single Teeth in July 2019. Less than a year later, on 24 April, sheโ€™ll put out her debut album VAMP. A collection full of emotion, drenched in dark and decadent theatrical tones. She calls the long-player โ€˜a document of my (relatively unstable) personal journey so farโ€™. โ€œMusic anchors meโ€, she says. โ€œItโ€™s how I try to keep a grip on things and make sense of myself.โ€

Her beautiful new single Mad With The Moon is no different. It manages to combine delicate guitars, tasteful piano, stunning orchestral tones and sultry vocals, without going over the top. Lux explains: โ€œI started writingย Mad With The Moonย after coming out of a terrible relationship. It began as a heart-breaky ballad, but over time it’s shifted from being about a break-up to being my way of refusing to apologise for my determination. It became progressively faster and angrier and ended up as a โ€˜fuck youโ€™ song. If anyone Iโ€™m dating canโ€™t keep up with me thatโ€™s on them.”

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